Alt-purple Chubby Chernobyl

If you thought the standard purple chubby was effective, imagine when you throw this curve ball! The subtle purple ice-dubbing offers an equally attractive but less commonly seen color-combination that has proven itself on tailwaters, freestone rivers, and lakes.

Drake Attractor Comparadun

When fishing the Green Drake hatch, the messier and the lower riding the fly, the better. A great fly for when the drakes come out, and fishes really well throughout the terrestrial season too. Reinforced with foam to keep it from drowning.

Stray Bullet (red)

We love the red PMX, but don't love tying the red PMX. This is an alternative with a similar profile and improved durability. We added golden pheasant tips, a poly-yarn underwing, and rainbow crystal flash. It fishes great when brown trout are present.

Golden Dub Stonefly

The soft nature of these materials breathes underwater, showing trout a wiggly offering with an impressionistic stonefly profile. Sometimes you just don't need to overthink things, this fly is a no-brainer.


What else needs to be said? All the hype is real. Dubbed with shrimp pink ice dub, which has some magical fish catching powers.

Shop Vac

Summer dry droppers wouldn't be complete without the shop vac or a serendipity. Too buggy not to be eaten.

Flaming Pheasant Tail

Not much is actually pheasant. But the red bead, peacock ice dub and copper flash make up this attractor. Usually a summer pattern that continues to draw fish into the fall when bug activity dwindles.

Orange Asher

You can forget about trying to match the hatch when you throw this fly. Fish will forget all about the perfect imitations, and go out of their way to get a piece.

Purple Foamback Emerger

Sometimes the best flies come about in the middle of a trip, when you're missing that special fly. Well here it is.

Stillwater Shimmer Leech

Had to include a stillwater pattern. An anchor balanced leech that looks great in the water, albeit flashy. Some days flash is key and the largest cutthroat we've ever seen ate this fly immortalizing the pattern in DWA lore.

Can't find these patterns anywhere else? 

Contact us if you're interested in a custom order of flies, we can spin up favorites or any others that you might need: starting at $24/dozen

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