Alt-purple Chubby Chernobyl

If you thought the standard purple chubby was effective, imagine when you throw this curve ball! The subtle purple ice-dubbing offers an equally attractive but less commonly seen color-combination that has proven itself on tailwaters, freestone rivers, and lakes.


Chou's Fortune Cookie

If you thought hard enough about how to improve on the Wooly Bugger (hard to imagine) you'd end up with the Fortune Cookie. Utilizing a stinger hook and the very cool guinea fowl collar, you're ready to hunt with the Wooly Bugger 2.0.


Amy's Ant

It still blows our minds at how well this fly attracts fish, even though everyone hears about this fly all the time. We love the material combinations in this pattern. The Green/Olive is an all-time favorite, but the red and purple versions are serious sleepers.


Butano Perdigon (Spanish Bullet)

A year ago I would have laughed at this fly, but now we're converts. All year long, under an Amy's Ant, on a European style nymphing rig, spring to winter, were convinced. 

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