About Us

We grew out of an endless appetite for fly fishing, and seeking answers to the question “why?”

In a sea of internet content, you can find tons of “answers” about almost any fishing question.

Unfortunately, those answers are usually lacking a scientific foundation. Before we got to work on Due West Anglers, we often discussed amongst ourselves how unsatisfying the fly fishing content is on the internet. So in 2016 we decided to ramp things up and apply our scientific training to reimagine what fly fishing content can provide. By 2019 the modern Due West Anglers was born!

We are essentially a science communication source for anyone interested in the Rocky Mountains, gamefish, natural history, and the wide-world of fly fishing. Plus we have even put together our own analyses on questions that need that extra insight.

​With training in watershed science, aquatic ecology, conservation, and project experience ranging from cutthroat to salmon to sturgeon, our group of anglers and scientists bridge the gap and deliver informed articles to anyone interested in the natural world surrounding fish. ​We are also story tellers, and have some fun sharing tales from the road.

Based out of Denver, all the favorite spots are West from us (mostly). It was a running joke when asked where we were headed — we always answered Due West!