Never Miss Out on Epic Fishing Again

If you've ever thought, "oh man that sounds fun" only to realize that you'll have to wait until next year, you'll wish you had this bookmarked!

Walking on a trail to the banks of a river to fly fish trout, grayling, whitefish and chase hatches like salmonflies
No matter if you're chasing trout, grayling, whitefish, carp, bass, pike, wipers, or chasing hatches like salmonflies, green drakes, or tricos, you'll want to check out our western fly fishing calendar to get you started

February 2024

We're booting up a new tool: the Western Fly Calendar to make sure you never miss out on your favorite hatch, or the best time to chase a gamefish. It's like a synopsis for all the happenings in the fly-world for each month. We combined the idea of a hatch chart with seasonal, behavioral information about gamefish to provide a snapshot of monthly events for relevant species, plus related notes and tactics.

  • If you've ever wanted to chase a certain hatch, check this out!
  • If you've ever wanted to find the best time to chase a new species, check this out!
  • If you've ever missed a certain fly-related outing because your timing was off, check this out!
  • If you've ever wondered which baitfish streamers are best during certain times of the year, check this out!

Our goal is for this to be the first step in planning, to present a generalized view of a typical fly fishing year. I’m already anticipating using this to help plan some spring trips for lake trout and wiper!

Don't miss out, it lands 3/18/2024!!

Just a tiny preview of the Western Fly Calendar

Sound like something you'd find useful? This page will be available to all Due West Insiders (our paid subscription tier), which also comes with a bunch of other cool perks!

More details...

  • Species: all trout, grayling, whitefish, common carp, grass carp, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, sunfish, pike, wipers, sea run cutthroat, steelhead
  • Hatches: midges, bwos, skwala, caddis, salmonflies, golden stones, green drakes, pmds, yellow sallies, tricos, and stillwater hatches...
  • Baitfish: shad, minnows, suckers, sculpins, dace, darters, sticklebacks, crayfish and more...
  • Locations: Freestones, creeks, tailwaters, spring creek, reservoirs, lakes, ponds, alpine lakes