Weird Flies that Work: Chartreuse Headstand

I have a slight obsession chartreuse fly patterns...

Fly fishing for carp with Umpqua's Headstand fly pattern, Egan's Headstand, Denver South Platte
Urban carp fooled on a pond along the Denver South Platte Corridor

Aug 2023

I have a slight obsession with chartreuse, I think it's such an enigmatic color choice for flies, regardless of species. Caddis pupa aside, chartreuse is the color that reminds us that the holy principle of "match the hatch" is merely a recommendation. Specifically in the carp world, we're told that carp like drab flies, those in the black, brown, olive variety.

But what if I told you my best carp fly is chartreuse. Specifically the Chartreuse Headstand designed by Lance Egan. It works on the drag and drop, it works stripped, it works dangled, I've even hooked fish blind casting. Granted carp are wiley creatures and there are no guarantees, this fly is almost always my starting fly for a new lake, green tinged lakes, and for some ponds... the only fly I can get them to eat.

At some point you just have to throw your hands up, give up on understanding why certain flies are so special, and just ride the wave. This is one of those flies for our carp fly box.


Thread: Chartreuse

Hook: TMC 2457 # 8 Scud Hook

Eyes: Medium Bead Chain (Chrome)

Tail: Rabbit Fur (Chartreuse)

Abdomen: Medium Crystal Chenille (Chartreuse/Pearl)

Wing: Peacock Sword

Legs: Sili Legs (Barred Chartreuse)

Head: Ice Dub (Chartreuse)