Weird Flies That Work: Slovakian Super Heavy Nymph

Fly tying: Slovak Super Heavy nymphs are not messing around when it comes to getting deep.

slovakian super heavy nymph fly pattern
Applications: European style nymphing, Indicator Nymphing. Not a looker, but that's not the point. A quick tie for good reason, they flirt with snaggsville.

May 2021

Sometimes referred to as Slovak Super Heavy nymphs, these flies are not messing around when it comes to getting deep. With origins in Czech style nymphing, this nymph was the anchor fly meant to pull down any team of flies in heavy currents, or in deep channels. When I say pull down, I mean no doubt about it, it will reach depth. Based on the same low friction principle as the perdigon nymph, the smooth epoxy body helps reduce drag as the fly plummets through the water column. In competitions, this style of fly can also prove useful when trying to pick up scraps after other anglers have already fished the same beat, hoping to pick off one or two more fish laying deeper than previous anglers were willing to probe. (Also check out the peeping caddis bomb).

Our testing can confirm it really dunks your rig, which is great in heads of pools. But be ready to pull the fly to safety before it gets snagged and lost forever. I was not prepared for how fast they sink. We haven't caught many fish on this fly yet, but have used the super heavy nymphs to get other flies deep with productive results. Usually the fish down that deep don't see many flies coming their way, so don't sweat this fly's looks. The applications may be limited, but in certain plunge pools there aren't many better options.

Recipe: (Colors variable)

Thread: Brown 140 Denier

Hook: 8 Curved Scud Hook

Lead Wire: Heavily wrapped into grubby shape

Ribbing: Copper Wire, Secondary Color Wire

Body: Brown Floss or Thread

Hotspot: Orange Floss or Thread

Epoxy: Thoroughly and smoothly coat entire fly


  1. Super Heavy Nymphs from Slovakia.